Drinks companies prohibited from sponsoring youth events

In an endeavor to promote responsible drinking, Scottish Government and Alcohol Industry Partnership have drawn up an agreement, according to which Drinks companies will be prohibited from sponsoring youth events and activities with a "particular appeal" to under-18s. In addition to the new guidelines, the Scottish Government also intends setting out further measures for tackling alcohol misuse.

The guidelines thus drawn establish that drinks sponsors need to make "all reasonable effort" to foresee the composition of the spectators at specific events before sponsoring them. In case of drink sponsorship, the sponsors should ascertain that nearly three-fourths of the spectators are over the age of 18.

The Public Health Minister Shona Robison acknowledged the noteworthy involvement of the alcohol industry towards promoting sports and arts in Scotland, but also added that there are certain responsibilities that need to be undertaken.

Robison said: "The Scottish Government believes that self-regulation by the industry alone will not be enough to get to grips with the spiraling problem of alcohol misuse in Scotland."

Brewers, distillers, and alcohol retailers in Scotland agreed upon including activities or events for the endorsement of responsible drinking in their sponsorships, along with conducting alcohol sampling at sponsored events.

George Kyle, head of sponsorship at Inbev UK, said: "We are committed to promoting responsible drinking across the country in all of our activities!"