Chuanfu Wang Honored with Canton Provincial Award for Individual Contribution

The Canton Provincial Award has been Conferred upon the Chairman of the world’s largest clean technology Company. The man in question is the Head of Build Your Dreams (BYD), Chuanfu Wang.

The honor is also known as China’s Peace Prize and is declared by the Canton Government. Wang has won for heading a company that has provided with green energy solutions like commercialized solar energy, LED and electronic transportation machinery.

According to the Government of Canton, products manufactured by BYD have had a significant influence in improving air pollution levels in the region. The area is also famously referred to as Guanghzhou.

Prior to the Asian Games, air quality in the region had come under immense criticism for high levels of pollution. It was only after a lot of reports came out that authorities decided to implement certain measures to reduce air pollution levels. It had restricted the use of cars and had even asked factories and power plants to shut down temporarily.

Apart from providing greener solutions, Wang was also honored for providing help to poverty struck areas in the country. BYD had manufactured and given free, one thousand storage and lighting systems that were powered on solar energy to nomadic tribes living in Tibet.

The organization had recently formed BYD Charity Foundation under the watchful eyes of Wang. It encourages the 130,000-workers for the Company to contribute in the form of donations.