Semen Allergy Can Cause Flu-like Symptoms in Men

Semen Allergy Can Cause Flu-like Symptoms in Men

Dr. Marcel Waldinger, a Professor of Sexual psychopharmacology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, has revealed in two studies that he published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy that men suffer from flu like symptoms just after they have an ejaculation.

The studies showed that men suffer from a condition known as Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome or POIS which cause them with problems such as feverishness, running nose, extreme exhaustions and burning eyes just as if they are having an attack of flu.

The study revealed that men with POIS actually have an allergy o their own semen that causes these symptoms. There is a treatment called hyposensitisation therapy that can help them to get relieved of this irksome problem.

According to Dr. Waldinger, "These results are a very important breakthrough in the research of this syndrome." However he affirmed that his findings may "contradict the idea that the complaints have a psychological cause and show that an auto-allergic reaction to semen is the most likely cause."

To come to this conclusion, Dr. Waldinger and his team analysed 45 Dutch men who were found with the ailment.

88% of the men who underwent a standard skin-prick allergy test using a diluted form of their own semen have reported with a positive skin reaction that indicated that they had auto-immune response or allergic reactions.

In a POIS therapy men receive skin injections that have their own semen in two stages with different dilutions. This has shown that the men after the treatment show remarkable improvement from the disease. However Dr. Waldinger said, "It's a very slow process. It is used for all sorts of allergies and can sometimes take up to 5 years."