Testing phase for Google Wave

Testing phase for Google Wave

The big question arising today is if the businesses would actually adopt Google Wave as a way to communicate collaboratively and share business docs.

Everyone has, ever since the launch of Google Wave been discussing about the potential applications for the real-time communication platform which cater to both personal use and in an enterprise. And even though it has gained much momentum in the consumer world it has fallen flat for business use.

However, the creator of enterprise software for businesses and servers,  Novell is said to have come up with a new enterprise-level communication platform deeply integrated with Google Wave. The introduction of Novell Pulse is likely to be Wave’s first major test as a platform for conducting business.

Launching sometime mid-2010, the Novell Pulse is owed as a ‘real-time communication platform for the enterprise’. So with this new product sharing of information, documents, and conversations can be a lot easier along with an increase in productivity and innovation.

Its integration with Google Wave is for sure one thing which will fetch it most attention. Novell Pulse will perhaps be the first product ever to make use of Google Wave federation. Hence it’s code and features would be hosted by Novell and not on Google’s servers.