Leaked NVIDIA roadmap shows two new additions this year – Tegra 2 3D, and Tegra 3

Tegra 2 3D, and Tegra 3

According to a recently leaked NVIDIA roadmap, which first appeared over at Bright Side of News (BSN), the graphics chipmaker's Tegra line of ARM-based chips will boast two new additions this year - the Tegra 2 3D, and the Tegra 3.

The leaked NVIDIA roadmap reveals that the company intends launching its Tegra 2 3D chip this spring; while the Tegra 3 chip will hit the markets later this year, probably sometime in the fall.

The slide leaked over BSN reveals that the Tegra 2 3D will essentially be a 1.2GHz version of NVIDIA's recently-introduced Tegra 2 chip, but with added support for 3D displays. Furthermore, similar to the rest of the Tegra lineup, the 3D chip will be available in both phone and tablet flavors.

However, the leak does not specify whether the Tegra 2 3D chips will be included in any type of a 3D tablet; and no such tablet has thus far been officially announced by any manufacturer. Nonetheless, it is being speculated on multiple sites that LG will likely come up a 3D version of its forthcoming, Android-based G-slate tablet.

Meanwhile, as per the leaked roadmap, the other chip - the Tegra 3 - will be a 1.5GHz processor boasting four Cortex A9 cores and a notably enhanced GPU, about which the BSN slide mentions that there will be a 3X improvement over already solid GPU performance of Tegra 2.

The tablet version of NVIDIA's Tegra 3 will probably also feature added support for Blu-ray and a 1900x1200 output.