Alcohol And Drug Intake Triggers Unsatisfied Sex Among Italian Youth

Alcohol And Drug Intake Triggers Unsatisfied Sex Among Italian Youth

As per the findings of a new survey, conducted by Sigo, a Roman organization for gynaecology and obstetrics, no less than 29% of young males and 35% of their fellow females are leading an unsatisfied sexual life.

The research, which recruited nearly 600 young volunteers all aged between 18 and 35 years, concluded that a large proportion of younger generation is not happy with their physical relations.

The report also unveiled that out of all Italian males not contented with their sex life 32% reported of premature ejaculation, with as many as 27% accounting for problems in erection.

Not only this, 27% also blamed the constant fear of under performance in bed that leaves them deprived of intimacy pleasures.

On interrogating further, it was revealed that youth dependent heavily on drugs and alcohol to sooth and relax themselves. A whopping 64% of male respondents relied on alcohol, whereas no less than 11% chose drugs for the same.

Shockingly, women were no less. As many as 52% admitted of resorting to alcohol and 13% weighed drugs as a source of rejuvenate themselves before physical intimacy.

Alessandra Grazionttin, a sex therapist and gynaecologist from Milan, said the fear of performance and the feeling of inadequacy can very well be curbed by self-medication, instead of addictive's intake.