Red Wine Can Help Cure Cancer!

red wine

According to a recent study, the ingredients found in red wine and peanuts are capable of boosting the healing capacity of rapamycin which is a cancer fighting drug. It is the reveratrol found in wine that helps to boost the capacities of the drug.

Rapamycin attacks the tumors, and has been able to fight cancer cells from growing further. There are tests conducted in labs that show how the intake of red wine improves the effect of the medicine to make it work even better.

Dr Charis Eng, who led the study published in the journal Cancer Letters, said: “Enjoying a glass of red wine or eating boiled peanuts before rapamycin treatment might be prudent”. It is a startling discovery that has shown the positive effects of red wine.

This makes it advisable for the cancer patients to intake a glass of red wine and actually helps their treatment.

It is essential that all medicine is taken as prescribed so that there can be ease in living and the life span can be made to increase. So one can enjoy the occasional glass of wine and be fit at the same time!


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