Pink Shirt Day in Canada on February 23

Pink Shirt Day

In quest to fight against bullying, the Government of Canada this year too has decided to observe “Pink Shirt Day” on February 23.

The event was initially triggered by two students of Grade 12 in favor of a student studying in Grade 9 when he was bullied on his first day at school, way back in 2007.

The annual anti-bullying event will be observed in B. C. and many other parts of Canada under the banner “sea of pink”.

The people across the country are suggested to flaunt pink in a support of this mega event.

The pink event this year will see a major participation from Vancouver radio station CKNW and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Vancouver.

Carolyn Tuckwell, the CEO and the President at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Vancouver, stated, “Awareness of what bullying is and understanding that it hurts is important. It isn’t just a rite of passage. It doesn’t have to happen. And it’s relevant to everyone, whether in school, after school or in the workplace”.

Tuckwell added that it is the high time that people should join hands to curb the menace of all forms of bullying and ragging which can take place verbally, socially, physically or even online.

She added that by wearing pink, people can show their commitment against the practice of bullying.