Repetition the Key to Learning: Study

Key to Learning

A recently conducted study by researchers at the University of Sussex has revealed that children are more likely to develop a good vocabulary if their parents read them the same story over and over again. Apparently, repetition is the key to developing better reading skills.

Talking about the reason behind repetition being the best way to improve children’s vocabulary, the lead author and a Psychologist from the University of Sussex, Dr. Jessica Horst, said that every time a child is read a book, they end up picking a new word. She added that it is already known that children who watch television serials on a regular basis are better in comprehension tests.

For the study, three-year old toddlers were divided into two groups. The first group heard three different stories over the course of a week, while the other one heard the same story for a week. Following a proper analysis, it was revealed that children who heard the same story were better able to learn new words.

Dr. Horst informed that it is commonly said that more the books at home, the better a student is at achieving academically. However, according to the study repetition holds the key to greater learning.