Now one can term Prii as the plural of Prius

Now one can term Prii as the plural of Prius

The votes have been taken and Toyota just made it official with Prii being the plural of Prius.

For the past one month or so, Prius has supported a promotion in which anyone had the right to vote online as to what they thought the plural of Prius should be. It was meant to hype the new additions to the line that displays the nation's best-selling hybrid. Beside the original Prius, they include the Prius V crossover and the Prius C small, sporty version and a plug-in electric, but Toyota is not likely to make or sell many of those.

Nevertheless, according to the special website which one can see by clicking on the ad at right or here, the made-up term Prii won with twenty five percent of the vote. It had been leading for a long time by wider margins. Prius, for both singular and plural, was second only one percentage point behind. Priuses got twenty percent Prien got nineteen percent and Prium, thirteen percent. Toyota promises that it will use the winner, Prii, in advertising as it made sense. They have been using Prii as long as they can remember. You known, Prii, made by Toyotans.

Toyota announced today the public referendum on what multiple models of the iconic Prius should be called was decided to be Prii, presumably pronounced “pre-eye.” The polling on the plural Prius name started on Jan. 10 during the 2011 NAIAS industry event in Detroit.

Prii won by receiving just twenty five percent of the votes and reflected the many suggestions and opinions formed over the ongoing ten year discussion of what multiple models of the Prius should be called.

The campaign matched with the announcement of the Prius family of vehicles, which will expand the model line over the coming months and years.

More than 1.8 million ballots were cast during the six-week survey that asked participants to choose from Prius, Priuses, Prii, Prium and Prien. A video overview of the campaign and winning word celebration can be seen at ToyotaPriusProjects. com.