Burnouts are a Result of Low Cortisol Levels

Burnouts are a Result of Low Cortisol Levels

According to the latest research made by Robert-Paul Juster and Sonia Lupien studying in University of Montreal, a unique fact has been revealed out. According to them, it is now possible to detect burnout before it happens.

Yes! With the help of simple spit and blood tests, now burnouts can be detected at a quite earlier stage.

Another fact revealed from their study is that these burnouts should never be ignored. Burnouts can be very harmful for distressed persons, as these might put them at a greater risk of physical and psychological problems.

According to Juster, "We hypothesized that healthy workers with chronic stress and with mild burnout symptoms would have worse physiological deregulations and lower cortisol levels — a profile consistent with burnout".

However, people suffering from burnout tends to have low levels of stress hormone cortisol, whereas, people in depression have comparatively higher levels. And due to persistent stress and misbalanced cortisol levels, connected biological systems can suffer from a type of domino effect.

The study made by Juster and Lupien well states that by analyzing a sample of spit, low levels of cortisol could be detected in an excellent manner. And this further is the best indication of impending burnouts.