Living Together is More Important for Children than Money, Reveals Study

There is a rude shock for parents who think that merely providing materialistic pleasures can help them to win the hearts of their children because as per the findings of a new study, it is the peace between parents that matter most to them.

The study conducted by the Understanding Society, recruited around 34,500 people that also included nearly 2,000 children in the age bracket of 10 and 15.

The study was initially targeted at finding the main causes that can make a person happy.

It was unveiled that longer a couple is together, lesser are the chances that they are happy and same goes for number of children they have.

The Director of the Understanding Society Project, Professor Nick Buck stated the reason for this study as, "We are collecting a much richer set of data than the national census, for instance, and I think this is going to lead to a major change in the way social research is performed, to understand how individual well-being and happiness is developed, and how behavior impacts on later outcomes".

After the succession of this survey, the organization now hopes to question a trial group of 100,000 people about their incomes, work, ethics, views and other issues.

The findings will used as an aid to inform Government policy and academic research.