Sleep Apnea Should Not Be Overlooked

Sleep Apnea Should Not Be Overlooked

There are a lot of people who might have sleep apnea and not be aware of it. According to the Doctors, this is a prevalent disease and that the doctors should frequently ask patients about their sleep pattern.

It is essential to seek medical advice for yourself or someone you know suffering from sleep apnea. The symptoms this disease might have is snoring and gasping in sleep.

What makes it all more an issue of concern is that sleep apnea is related to further complications in the sleeping and life pattern of a person. There may be other complications like high blood pressure and diseases of the heart.

The sufferers and their loved ones might often ignore it as simple snoring at night; you must wait and think there might be major complications involved.

"Getting a good night's sleep is not just about feeling good," says Dr. Lawrence Epstein, chief medical officer at Sleep Health Centers, a network of clinics based in Brighton, Mass. "It's good for overall health."

A healthy sleep is essential for the overall wellbeing of a person. Care should be taken and effective measures should be taken for avoiding such diseases.