Men are Predicted to Suffer from Depression


Men are equally vulnerable to depression. A recent study has unveiled that men are struggling to maintain their stature of chief earner of the family.

With the surmounting stress of saving their job, serious cases of depression are bound to rise in the coming time. Contrary to the popular belief that women are more emotionally sensitive, men are bound to go through the same lane with the rising corporate stress.

Responding to the study, Dr. Boadie Dunlop from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, unveiled that society is undergoing a dynamic change which has aggravated the emotional trauma of men.

Additionally, the study has unearthed a fact that outsourcing of the male dominated traditional jobs to the working class of developing nations is the possible reason of this mental stress. With the dark memories of economic recession hovering in the mind of working men, any radical change in their professional life can prove to be a grave concern in the future.

The study highlighted that western women are coming out of their traditional mind set up, and are juggling efficiently between their professional and personal lives. As the western countries are undergoing a positive change, men are expected to face a daunting task of combating their female counterparts in the professional arena too.