Doctor Advises Euthanasia for 23-Week Premature Babies

Doctor Advises Euthanasia for 23-Week Premature Babies

A Kiwi trained doctor settled in Britain has raised doubts about her expertise after she suggested that premature babies born at 23 weeks should not be provided any care. The medical professional in question is Dr. Daphne Austin, who feels that keeping the babies alive through medical aid just elongates their suffering.

Austin says that it seems like that such babies should be allowed to die and their parts should be used in the treatment of cancer.

She further puts weight behind her argument by informing that only one in 100 such babies do not develop some kind of disorder. It needs to be kept in mind that a majority of babies born around this time span end up developing disabilities like blindness, cerebral palsy and deafness.

It seems that people have gone ahead and criticized Dr. Austin without thinking about the practicality behind what she said. Though, people who can related with raising a premature baby born at 23 weeks will know what Dr. Austin meant when she felt that 23 week premature babies should be euthanized.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the NHS ends up spending a whopping £10 million on resuscitating such babies. Despite the money spent on such babies, it needs to be noted that only 9% survive while only a percent lead a normal life.