Pokémon Black & White review

Pokémon Black & White review

The fifth generation of Pokémon has recently been introduced to the gaming world by Pokémon Black & White; with new Pokémon made notably more amusing, thanks to their unique in-battle animations. As compared to the earlier Pokémon games, each creature this time round appears to possess far more character, in terms of wiggling, shifting and reacting to the action.

With 156 new creatures on offer, the latest Pokémon iteration also boasts some tweaks which have particularly been added to the visuals and online functions. Furthermore, a few new battle types have also been introduced.

However, in tune with the tradition that Pokémon does not exactly change substantially between releases, everything about the new game is reassuringly familiar – like the scientist who sends the gamers out on their adventure; the gamers’ first encounter with blundering bad guys Team Plasma; as well as and the stories of a legendary Pokémon that will either save or devastate the world.

The structure of the new Pokémon also essentially remains unchanged – the players need to catch Pokémon, collect gym badges, beat the Elite Four, and thwart a tacked-on, clichéd plot by Team Totally-Evil.

Once again, battling is a turn-based situation in which different types of Pokémon take on one another. The new title is as tactical as it can get; apparently ensuring that the gamers not only have a balanced team, but also make use of accurate unique attack against a particular Pokémon, and know when to substitute one Pokémon with another!