Babies Need to Sleep with Their Mothers in Order to Have a Healthy Life

Babies Need to Sleep with Their Mothers in Order to Have a Healthy Life

A study has found some interesting facts about babies’ health. The study has shown that babies who sleep with their parents on the same bed are more safe and likely to get the benefit in the long run of their lives.

According to a baby sleep expert, Dr. McKenna from the University of Notre Dame, when babies sleep in the warmth of their mothers body, it is very good for their health. Studies have proved that babies are safer if their parents follow the age-old method of mother and baby sleeping.

He further said that if both the parents are not able to share the same bed with their baby, then at least they should be in a same room. Infants should be in close contact with their parents as this can avoid situations like, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

Dr. McKenna has 30 valuable years in researching the facts which are related to baby sleep as well as baby health. He is the pioneer to conduct the study based on mother-child co sleeping and its effects. He said that sleeping alone in a baby cot is harmful for baby’s health. Babies should always sleep under the direct supervision of their parents.

The expert has also pointed out the fact that, if mothers and infants sleep together then it increases the chances of breast feeding which helps protect babies from various harmful diseases and make their immunity stronger.