It’s a Lipstick Commercial

It’s a Lipstick Commercial

After releasing several trailers of the commercial, Christian Dior has finally released the full version of the lipstick commercial. This commercial features Kate Moss. The commercial is directed by Jonas Ackerlund. The commercial is for 90 seconds which shows Kate Moss applying Dior Addict Lipstick.

Way back in the early part of February it was revealed that Kate Moss is doing a commercial for Dior, and she was the new face of Dior Addict Series of lipstick.

There were rumours from October last year when Kate Moss was spotted applying lipstick while going for the Dior show.

The director Jonas Akerlund had most recently worked with Lady Gaga for directing her Paparazzia and Telephone videos.

This commercial has everything the viewer has expected all throughout these months after the rumours were spread all across.

It has the beautiful and glamorous Kate Moss append lying lipstick on her lips. The plot of this commercial is very simple and the background score is also very soothing.

However, the viewers wonder that John Galliano was edited out of this commercial. There are many people who claim that he may not even be the part of it.

As Kate so rightly puts it, "a girl can't make an entrance without her lipstick". Mossy, we totes agree. Do you love the commercial? Will you buy the lippy?