Virginia Seeks Supreme Court Review on PPACA

Supreme Court

The Commonwealth of Virginia move to seek review from the U. S. Supreme Court on a case pending in U. S. Court Of Appeals for the Fourth circuit hasn’t gone down well with Obama administration as the latter has urged the Supreme Court to forbid Virginia from bypassing Federal appeals court.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has appealed against regulatory amendments implemented by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) (P. L. 111-148). The Commonwealth of Virginia has alleged that Federal Government has surpassed its enumerated powers and believes this to be issue of national importance that requires Supreme Court’s mandate.

The regulatory amendments include the compulsory purchase of health insurance by citizens, failing which they have to face penalty. The new regulations are to be enforced in 2014.

The 4th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ federal Judge has annulled the regulatory amendment forcing citizens to buy health insurance.

The Commonwealth contests that decision of not purchasing health insurance is not economic activity and it surpasses the recognized limits of commerce clause.

The Obama administration has filed court papers with judges, describing circumnavigating appeals court completely unnecessary and unreasonable. Moreover, it has requested 4th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse their earlier decision, contesting that the proposed amendments are made under legal vested powers.