Insufficient Vitamin D Levels Linked with Parkinson’s Disease

Vitamin D

A recently conducted research has pointed out that people diagnosed in the early stages of the Parkinson’s disease are more likely to face a deficiency of vitamin D; though, it was also found in the study that progression of the disease did not lead to a further fall in vitamin D levels. Researchers wrote in the study that deficiency in vitamin D levels is known to be more prevalent in people with the condition.

Researchers have not been able to determine whether the chronic condition was responsible for the lower vitamin D levels. The study was a result of the concerted efforts pitched in by experts at the Emory University and the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

The research was led by Marian L. Evatt, of the Emory University School of Medicine, who examined the likelihood of people diagnosed with PD suffering from a deficiency in vitamin D levels.

It was also discovered by the experts that contrary to their perception that vitamin D levels will drop in patients because of reduced mobility and lack of exposure to sun, vitamin D levels increased with the passage of time.

During the course of the study, researchers discovered 157 people in the early stages of PD were suffering from a lack of vitamin D levels.