Singer Reveals Past Truth about Drug Addiction

Singer Reveals Past Truth about Drug Addiction

In a recent interview, artist Debbie Harry, has admitted the fact that long time back, she had been a drug addict for more than two years. The lady revealed this truth, while talking about her forthcoming music album `Panic Of Girls' which is scheduled to be released on 30th of May this year.

Debbie was shot into fame after the release of her album, `the Heart of Glass'. She said that during the 80s, she indulged herself consuming all banned drugs including heroine and gradually she became a drug addict.

Talking on what led her to depend on drugs, the famous singer said that, she was going through a very rough patch in her life. Her record company had decided to terminate their contract, and at the same time, her manager who was efficient enough to handle all the matter, left suddenly. Adding to her woes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) conducted a raid on her money and property.

She added that, she was under severe depression at that point of time, as everything was going painfully wrong. But instead of getting any relief, she fell into more trouble when she discovered herself being trapped in the midst of drugs. But ultimately the hit singer, managed to get rid of her addiction, after spending some time in a rehabilitation centre, accompanied by her then boyfriend, guitarist Chris Stein.