Nintendo 3DS All Set to Hit the Market

Nintendo 3DS All Set to Hit the Market

There is good news for the fans of Nintendo 3DS. The much awaited launch of Nintendo 3DS is expected to hit Europe and North America this weekend.

Known for its out of the box concept, the 3D magic created by Nintendo has sweeped the world over countries. As per the reports, the third-part publisher, Ubisoft, is going to be the potential partner this time also.

Confirming the news, Ubisoft SVP of sales and marketing, Tony Key, reportedly confirmed that Nintendo’s four versions are ready to advertise and another two are making their way into the market in the next three weeks.

Iterating the long-term partnership with Nintendo, Key claimed that his company has always appreciated the unique approach of Nintendo and assured their complete support for all the lined products of Nintendo.

Further, key claimed that Ubisoft has always been supporter of advanced technology, especially 3D technology and appreciated all the novel concepts of Nintendo.

Though Key refused to divulge the details of the project, he assured that Ubosioft has always been a forerunner in the field of gaming industry. As per the closed sources, Ubisoft’s unique "Player Projection Technology" addition to Kinect has garnered appreciation from every corner of the IT field.

Meanwhile, Key has assured that advancement in the field of technology can bring more unique application of 3D gaming in the coming time.