Yoshinori Ono: Nintendo 3DS is Something Beyond 3D

Yoshinori Ono: Nintendo 3DS is Something Beyond 3D

Street Fighter has always been the first choice of elite gamers in 90’s as this series is known for its incredibly technical and demanding game play.

But with times, it has changed a lot. Though the technical aspects and almost infinite combo and game play depth are still there but the latest version of the game has become very easy to pick as compared to the earlier version.

Street Fighter IV Producer, Yoshinori Ono explained that they had decided to go back to fighting times as they wanted everyone to pick this game easily along with the option of going hardcore.

Nintendo has always been known as a game which was easy to learn but it was hard to master it. Experts believe that this is a kind of game which is perfectly suited to the portable console as it could be played for even ten minutes on the bus.

Initially, Wii was much more than just motion control and now 3DS seems to follow a similar pattern hiding massive amounts of functionality behind its unique, glasses-free 3D screen.

Further explaining the functioning of its functions, Yoshinori Ono said, “3DS functions like Street Pass will allow people to socialize and game in ways they haven’t before. They will also bring new types of more casual player to online gaming, encouraging interaction and easy connectivity between devices”.