Steel Driver Will Hit the Europe on 6th May

Steel Driver Will Hit the Europe on 6th May

Nintendo confirmed that 3DS submarine title Steel Driver will hit the Europe on 6th May. The wait for the game is almost finished; it will permit players to go under water using the handheld’s gyro sensor to locate the enemy ships. Steel commander requires the person to hide his ship and locate enemies’ ship on the grid map before sinking them.

The game is a mixture of styles with 3 dimensional obstacles course and entirely touch based with all of the game’s main control sitting on the bottom of 3DS. It has two levels one horizontal and another vertical. The console of the game has 6 months distributor warranty.

The Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan on February 26, Europe on 25 March and in US it was launched on March 27.

However, the Nintendo’s products are still not accessible in India; as 3DS will take time to get started here.

The 3DS cost for around Rs. 21,990 and the game is accessible on just Rs. 2,899. The actual price of the game is $250m which is double of Rs. 21,990.

However, the customs have charged a lot but still this is the better option for those who don’t want to deal with the import and also are safe for next six months at least.