R.I. Salmonella Claims 2 Lives

R.I. Salmonella Claims 2 Lives

In a sad incident, another person died in the salmonella outbreak, making the toll reach 2 till now. This incident has been linked with the salmonella outbreak at DeFusco’s Bakery in Johnston.

According to the report released by the state Health Department, it was revealed that a person in 90s have died on Thursday in a hospital. However, the spokesperson declined to name the hospital in which this incident has occurred.

It was believed that the man died after consuming a product made at DeFusco nakery on March 19.

The symptoms began on March 25, and the man was hospitalized on March 28. The stool sample of the person has tested positive for salmonella. This person was one of the cases which were dealt by the health department on the outbreak of salmonella in the county.

It was reported that the person has other health problems.

It was investigated by the health department that all the people who fell ill due to salmonella outbreak were March 14 to March 28. This timeframe was considered to have been the time span of the outbreak. The people suffering from salmonella outbreak have reached 66. Al of them has reported to have bought products made at DeFusco’s bakery.