Female Bosses Demolishes other Women's Promotion Hopes

Female Bosses Demolishes other Women's Promotion Hopes

A recent study has revealed a surprising fact that female bosses often demolish the promotion hopes of other women at the workplace. Females who make it to top positions in the organization are more likely to help out their male subordinates than female ones.

Psychologists at the University of Cincinnati have found that men who have female bosses get much more mentoring and support as compared to their female colleagues. Researchers believe that most of the women at senior posts do so because they want to mix up their their male counterparts.

Psychologists claim that instead of encouraging other ambitious women, these female bosses hinder their growth. The behavior is explained with the help of a term, Queen Bee syndrome’.

The results were concluded after conducting a study on more than 2, 000 employees in the US and analyzing previous researches on the ‘Queen Bee syndrome’. German researchers reported that most of the women who were reporting to female bosses were suffering from depression, insomnia, headaches and heartburn.

The British survey revealed that majority of women prefer a male boss because they are straight-talking, less likely to talk about staff behind their backs and not prone to mood swings.