EU Announces 50-Million Euros Grant to Control Philippines Population

EU Announces 50-Million Euros Grant to Control Philippines Population

Officials at the European Union are having a tough time convincing the local Catholic Church for the promotion of contraceptive use in Philippines.

Since long, the recommendation has been given by the health experts across the country that in order to descend the levels of poverty, the population must be controlled.

But the decision has invited strong opposition from the Church, which feels that the practice of using contraceptives is “unethical and against the nature”.

It is accentuated that instead of controlling child births the government must focus on combating corruption if they really want to bring down poverty in the country.

Philippines is reportedly the 12th most populated country with an estimated population of some 92 million. So to control it, the EU has announced a grant worth 35 million euros that will be used for improving health care reforms.

The head of operations at the European Union, Manila, Nicholas Taylor, said during a recent media briefing: "It is important for governments to make family planning available. And that is not being done efficiently. It will be much more effectively done if the reproductive health bill is passed because that gives a legal framework for driving it much more effectively”.