Apple Products Breaching Into Your Privacy

Apple Products Breaching Into Your Privacy

People are concerned about the security as it has been confirmed that the Apple iPhones and iPad has hidden files that can locate and store the exact position of the product. The owners of the famous products of the Apple are concerned that the location facility can be misused.

As per the researchers, the location of the product is constantly stored in the device from the moment the product is used. This information automatically gets transferred on the computer via the iTunes. The information of the exact location is recorded in the product by the mobile phone masts and Wi-Fi networks.

These features are already available in the products. The authorities at the Apple have not yet confirmed if this feature of recording the location can be disabled in the products.

The people believe that this feature should be optional. Currently there is not permission is ever taken by the manufacturers for the recording.

The discovery of the file was discussed and announced by two British computer programmers at a technology conference in San Francisco. The founders of the file have mainly shown concerns about the automatic and permanent transfer of the information when the connection between the computer and the products are made.