The Profit of the William Hill Increases

The William Hill is considered as one of the biggest bookmaker in Britain. The authorities have confirmed that they expect the annual profit to be high. They made the announcement as the online gambling sites of the company constantly increased in the first quarter of the operating profit. This announcement has also left a positive impact on the shares of the company. The company has confirmed an increment in the shares.

As per the experts, the William Hill owns more than 2,350 betting shops in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They take more than one million bets every day. The online gambling sites have increased the group’s net revenue by
11% and retail revenues by 8%. The revenues from the online gambling sites have also increased by 26%.

The Chief Executive, Ralph Topping has assured that looking at the current situation the company is sure that the annual profits will be definitely high.

The Bingo has provided 30% growth. The Poker grew by 16% and Casino increased by 13%. The officials at the company claimed that the mobile gaming has also shown promising results. As per Rival Ladbrokes the operating profit of April has increased by 1.9%. The profit is estimated to be around 49.2 million pounds in the first quarter.