Toyota Production Will Tighten Up in the End of 2011


The domestic production of the Toyota Motors is being expected to come back to its normal position by the end of this year, which was suspended after the devastating quake and tsunami of March 11.

The Toyota Motor Corp. said that the production will return to the normal position in July, while the production in foreign countries will normalize in August.

Toyota revealed that they have the shortage of supply of parts.

Toyota President, Akio Toyoda, said that the impacts of the March 11 quake on the total production volume and earnings cannot not be determined yet, it will take some time. He said that the company will speed up its production work in July, but still the main production work will return to its normal position by the end of this year.

President Akio Toyoda added, "With this many aftershocks, including one last night, we've seen some of the recovery work thrown back to square one many, many times".

Toyota also experienced the cuts in the production of North America and Europe, which will also be balanced in June.

Toyota has also restricted its production work in Japan and in some other foreign factories.