ECG Helps in Reducing Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Study

ECG Helps in Reducing Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Study

The growing rate of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) among youth is under scanner these days. The researchers studying the causes behind SCA have revealed that sudden death can be avoided among youth by earlier ECG. According to them, ECG (electrocardiogram) helps in detecting abnormal heart beat at an earlier stage. The study is led by Joseph Marek, MD, of the Midwest Heart Foundation.

The study was conducted between 2006 and 2010 by Marek's team who gave ECG's to 50,665 teens which included athletes and non-athletes. The screening was conducted in 32 schools in suburban Chicago.

The screening recognized 1,096 teens with abnormal ECGs. It indicated irregular heart beating which could result in SCA. Around 150 teens were identified with left ventricular hypertrophy which can lead to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most common cause of SCA.

A similar study was conducted in Italy. The study was conducted for around 26 years. The study revealed 89% drop in SCA. This study is a proof that systematic and regular screening helps in reducing sudden cardiac arrest among youth.

Although the studies claim that SCA can be reduced by ECG, parents fear going for the tests as they are costlier. For the benefit of the students and respective parents, Marek has promised of providing scanning for $10 each.