Tenofovir: A New and Cheaper HIV Treatment

Tenofovir: A New and Cheaper HIV Treatment

The costlier treatment for HIV won't be costly anymore. The scientists have come up with the chemistry which can be used to synthesize a key drug, tenofovir, reducing the cost of manufacturing it. This initiative was taking by The Clinton Health Access Initiative, founded by former President Bill Clinton and was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK government.

For the project, the Clinton team hired former pharmaceutical-company chemists to work on the project. Moreover, a key step in the new recipe for making tenofovir was contributed by a student at Howard University in Washington, DC.

The new formula is available for the public, but the companies are required to get license from Gilead Sciences Inc., of Foster City, Calif to sell tenofovir. Gregg Alton a Gilead Executive vice President said "We're very supportive" of the Clinton effort to lower the cost of drugs through improving the chemistry.

The Clinton team began to work on the project in 2005 and saw a path in the laboratory to lowering the price of the drugs. Earlier, Mr. Clinton's foundation worked with simple chemistry to negotiate discount on the prices of older AIDS drugs. Now, the foundation is working towards reducing the price of newer drugs which carries fewer side effects.