Dental Diseases Rampant in Pets

Dental Diseases Rampant in Pets

It has been reported that around 70% of cats and dogs above the age of three, have varieties of dental disease, and if your pets have a bad breath, it is possible that they may be affected.

Also sharing the bed or the couch with pets is said to be detrimental to their health. This is not good for the owners.

Though dental diseases are painful, pets are very skilled when it comes to hiding it from their owners and they may lead to kidney and heart valve infections.

Some tooth diseases build up to be severe, such as gingivitis, which escalates to a huge number of tartar, tooth decay or serious mouth infection.

In order to prevent dental disease, it is advised that you feed your pet using an appropriate diet, encouraging regular chewing, brushing and using other oral products to help clean the teeth and regular visits to the vet for checkups.

Clean teeth are said to boost a happy quality of life in pets, although the owners do not take them to the dentist, owing to fear of extractions performed on pets. Anesthesia is also used for painful extractions.