Chemotherapy Turned Me Electro Sensitive, Says Janice Tunnicliffe

Chemotherapy for treatment of bowl cancer in 2008 had darkened the life of a 55-years-old British lady, Janice Tunnicliffe, 55, as it turned her allergic to electricity while not allowed to watch television, listen to the radio, to use a mobile because appliances and other electromagnetic devices make her sick.

She was diagnosed with the cancer in 2008 and underwent a surgery in order to remove a six-inch tumor from her bowel along with 14 lymph nodes.

Soon after the chemotherapy, she had suffered regular headaches, chest pains, nausea as well as tingling in her arms and legs, almost every time she has an exposure to any electrical device.

While talking about her pathetic health conditions, Ms. Tunnicliffe said that due to electro sensitivity, she is forced to face many difficulties including headache and nausea most of the times. She claimed that any contact with iPhone makes her sick within 20 minutes whereas, presence of Wi-Fi has enough potential to make her immobilize.

"Wi-Fi makes me feel like I have a clamp at the back of my head which is squeezing the life out of me. It's completely draining and a home hub can totally immobilize me - I'm left unable to move my arms and legs”, she added.