National Vegetarian Week to Promote Meat-Free Lifestyle

National Vegetarian Week to Promote Meat-Free Lifestyle

According to reports, the vegetarian society will be holding its National Vegetarian week this week to orientate people on the benefits of vegetarianism as well as promoting a meat-free lifestyle.

Also, during the week, there will be a major attention given to 3 reasons (animals, environment and health) why it’s good to become a vegetarian out of a multitude with special focus on health and wellbeing?

However, just as the National Vegetarian Week began, the World Cancer Research Fund released a report which advised that a reduced portion of red meat and processed meat should be consumed, as they are known to influence bowel cancer.

The WCRF has been able to verify their report by providing evidence and also evidence that verifies that food high in fiber, pulses, fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

Though the WCRF is not into the course of vegetarians, they have only advised that people should choose their meat, with their health in mind, as well as add vegetables to their diet.

The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition was reported to have done a study on 33,000 meat-eaters, 21,000 vegetarians and nearly 9,000 fish eaters following them for 10 years.

They discovered that the vegetarians and fish eaters had reduced risks of being diagnosed with cancer when compared to meat-eaters. The risk of stomach cancer was reported to be low in both groups.