Food and Nutrition Care For Mothers-To-Be

Maternal obesity

According to a recent study, it has been revealed that the high-fat and oily diet of pregnant women can have adverse effects on the unborn child. It has been reported that women who eat high-fat food while they are pregnant are actually putting their fetus to the risk of being stillborn.

The study reports that the reason behind this is that the blood flow of the mother to the placenta is decreased due to eating such food. This in turn makes for a mortal trap for the child. Maternal obesity can also be very dangerous for the child.

All sorts of abnormalities during pregnancy such as stillbirth, pre-term labor, and abnormal growth of the fetus and so on are closely related to damage in the placenta of the mother. The risk of stillbirth is increased manifold due to careless eating habits of the mother.

There is a dire need that mothers don’t overdo the care and nourishment routine. They need to have a balanced diet, with no extra fat. This would keep the mother as well as the child healthy from harm. There is need for the mother to eat nourished food and behave responsibly for the best interests of the child.