Food Safety Commission Orders Strict Food Inspection Process

Food Safety Commission Orders Strict Food Inspection Process

In response to the Taiwan food scandal, the Food Safety Commission, regulated by the State Council, or cabinet, has ordered strict inspections and instant recalls of beverages, food products and additives contaminated with DEHP.

Consequently, the mainland sites of Taiwan food companies including the Master Kong and Uni-President claimed that all products were produced on the mainland, and it was impossible for these products to contain DEHP.

Additionally, from June 1, the mainland is suspended to import beverages, food products as well as food additives from Taiwan situated companies accused or suspected for using bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), an organic compound that is used by manufacturers to soften plastic.

Earlier, the Secretary for Food and Health, York Chow, had suggested that the ban was not vital as DEHP imparts a negative health effect, if consumed for a longer time period whereas, On Friday, he announced that any food stuffs containing more than recommended levels of DEHP would be strictly prohibited.

While reacting to the issue an analyst of beverage industry with Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultancy Co. Ltd, Chen Jing, claimed that as a small amount of Taiwan-produced beverages were imported to the mainland, the impact on the mainland market would be minimum.