Aboriginals More Likely To Succumb To Diabetic Kidney Damage

Aboriginals More Likely To Succumb To Diabetic Kidney Damage

The Northern Territory has been for long struggling with the growing problem of kidney disease. A report compiled by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has shown that aboriginals of the area are at higher risk of developing severe kidney related diseases.

According to reports, the cases of end-stage kidney disease have doubled within a small time span. For the first time, the report has included people who have died of diseases without getting treatment. A health expert has informed that medical facilities for aboriginals are limited moreover their population is increasing swiftly.

It has further been revealed that each week two persons are admitted to hospital after being diagnosed of severe diabetic kidney damage. High blood pressure is yet another increasing problem among aboriginals. It has been told that high blood pressure can also lead to kidney damage.

It has come to light that 40% of people with diabetes develop diabetic kidney damage. A recent study has revealed that chronic kidney disease accounts for nearly half of all new cases of Kidney failure in the US.

For the study, the researchers analyzed national data from the past two decades. During the study, the researchers found that in 1988-94 about 2.2% of population was diagnosed with diabetic kidney damage. The percentage increased to
3.3% in 2005-08. The figures throw light that the treatment for the kidney related is adequate in the aboriginal communities. Therefore, there is an urgent need to make the treatment available to them.