Forceful Adoption is a Stigma on Australia’s History

Forceful Adoption is a Stigma on Australia’s History

The head of the healthcare arm of the Catholic Church, Martin Laverty in Australia said that the forceful adoption practices, which prevailed 50 years back has got national disgrace for the country. And, they have issued a national apology to the victims who have suffered the forced adoption.

To tell about the event, it is said that at least 150,000 Australian women babies were taken against their will by some churches and adoption agencies between the period of 1950s and 1970s. Psychiatrist Geoff Rickarby has treated some of the affected women, and told that it was a blot on Australia's history.

Mr. Laverty said he got aware of the past practices only after ABC began its investigations. He further said that his apology would be filled with a deep sense of regret and sorrow for the women, who have suffered innumerable pain.

The formal apology would take place today in Newcastle, and the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Diocese and the Singleton and North Sydney Sisters of Mercy would also say sorry.

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert would chair the Senate Inquiry, where judgment would be delivered for the country's former adoption practices.

The Catholic Church's adoption agency has earlier also apologized for their act, in an inquiry by a New South Wales Parliamentary committee in 2000.