Scientists to Correct Genetic Illness

Scientists to Correct Genetic Illness

German medical researchers by inducing pluripotent stem (iPS) cells in the mice have successful paved way of treating lethal liver disease. Researcher Tobias Cantz said, “For the first time, a living organism has been cured of an illness using iPS cells repaired using genetic methods”.

The findings of the study were published in the scientific magazine PLoS Biology. In the article published in the PLoS Biology, the researchers noted that the usage of iPS cells is ethically unproblematic, as embryos are not needed to provide a source for them.

The researchers have claimed that by using the iPS cells the genetic disorder or illness could be corrected and its further possibility of being transmitted to the new generation could be reduced to zero.

Now, the researchers are aiming at providing permanent cure to patients with the genetic disability or sickness. For this, the researchers will be taking out cells from the patients, reverse them into iPS cells in the laboratory, correct them genetically and ultimately to induce them into the patient to effect a cure.

It is believed that cells thus formed won’t be rejected by the body. It has been told that normally, the body of a patient rejects to accept the donated tissues.