Threats Push Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Experts to Quit Their Research

Threats Push Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Experts to Quit Their Research

Scientists working on chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), to explore its causes have acknowledged death threats from some furious protesters. A majority of patients along with activists have strongly opposed studies that have marked the disorder is all in the mind’ and not a biological condition.

One researcher looking at the cause of disease, Professor Simon Wessely, of King's College London, who had received similar threat notified BBC radio to scan his mails for suspected device after receiving "maliciously unfair" threats of violence.

“Psychiatric approaches that work are not incompatible with the condition being linked to a virus. These may not work for some people, but it’s wrong to deny others access to them who may be helped”, added Professor Wessely. “Some ME campaigners would rather have an incurable virus than a potentially curable disorder if it involves social or psychological approaches”.

While commenting on the dramatic issue another Scientist from Imperial College, London, Professor Myra McClure, has decided to quit her research work not continue her studies because of such frightening warnings. During her studies she had confirmed a viral connection for ME.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mark Walport of the Wellcome Trust has expressed disappointment over the issue and said losing top scientists for ME research would be a tragedy.