HTTLPR Gene Version Makes A Person Happy Or Sad

HTTLPR Gene Version Makes A Person Happy Or Sad

Professor Elaine Fox in collaboration with his colleagues has carried out a research at Essex University and consequently claimed to acknowledge a gene that that is believed to possess the attributes for making a happier person born with optimistic attitude.

To conclude the findings, the expert team has displayed a series of photographs reflecting positive as well as negative pictures including innocently smiling children or growling dogs on a computer monitor. Afterwards, with the help of an innovative computer-based therapy, they have estimated subject concentration on a particular image.

In addition, all the study participants have provided a specimen of their DNA to be tested for their 5-HTTLPR gene version, the gene applauded for fluctuating levels of serotonin, a happy chemical. Further, experts have observed that subjects having smaller versions of HTTLPR gene were more likely to pay more attention towards positive images and reflected no or least interest to upset their mood by a view of negative images.

“Children whose parents have a genetic predisposition to depression and are pessimistic are hit with a double-whammy and the odds are stacked against you”, concluded the study authors.

Simultaneously, Professor Elaine Fox expressed confidence that the mood swings are curable through accurate genotype identification.