Government Report Fails To Depict Authentic Scenario, Claims a Green Group

In a recent report, government has denied existence of any evidence to depict Lyndhurst tip and Dandenong South industrial zone have provided a feasible environment to trigger cancer cases and birth defects. To conclude the findings, the governmental authorities have analyzed health data till 2008 and released the findings during a public meet last week.

On the other hand, the Residents against Toxic Waste in the South East expressed disappointment over the findings and spoke in loud against the report. It's Spokesman, Thelma Wakelam, said that the group was looking for an analytical approach and raised serious concerns against increasing cases of lung cancer.

Simultaneously, an Environment Protection Authority air monitoring research has also pinpointed toxins from the landfill as well as from other industrial activities.

"I know from my neighbor, the frequency she goes to funerals of people who have died of cancer, who either lived in Dandenong South or had in the past", said Jani Breider, the RATWISE Secretary. Further, Ms. Breider claimed that the released report failed to depict authentic scenario and stressed on the need of a study that can focus on the issue.

In addition, the President of the RATWISE Thelma Wakelam hailed the residents to step forward and push the authorities for further investigation.