Genes Responsible for Increasing the Risk to Skin Cancer: Study


A recent research conducted by the researchers from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) has found a gene responsible for the difference in the susceptibility to melanoma form of skin cancer among people.

The researchers observed 2,000 melanoma skin cancer patients of Australia in comparison with 4,000 people without the disease. The researcher Professor Nick Hayward revealed that they found from the research that DNA variedness resulted in making one body different to the other in the matter of contracting the disease.

In some people, it is a gene that reacts on the DNA which gets damaged by the harmful UV rays, while in some the gene ends up forming a cancerous tumor. Further, Professor Hayward states, "Maybe within five years or so it might be routine practice for a person attending a dermatology clinic to undergo a genetic test to determine their likelihood of developing melanoma”.

Another research by the Cancer Research UK, on 3,000 skin cancer patients, revealed that there were three genes that were responsible in increasing the susceptibility of the body to skin cancer. So far, the researchers have not been able to find the solution to the problem, but they have recommended people to protect themselves from skin cancer.