Shortage of Nurses Taking Its Toll!

Shortage of Nurses Taking Its Toll!

The shortage of nurses in health care sector has become a subject of worry. It has been reported that the shortage of nurses in the children's intensive care unit has led to a rise in the mortality rate.

A survey conducted by Leeds and Leicester universities' researchers has found that less than half of the children's intensive care unit of Britain and Ireland is meeting with the requirement of the new guidelines launched by the Paediatric Intensive Care Society.

The units which are failing to meet with the required care of the children have reported an increase in the mortality rate. It is believed that if these units are provided with adequate nurses than they would be able to reduce the already increased mortality rate.

While commenting upon the findings of the researchers, Researcher Professor Elizabeth Draper from Leicester University said that the recruitment of qualified nurses over the time has improved but still there is need of recruiting more nurses.

The care of children at the children intensive care unit is not only being affected by the shortage of nurses, cuts in the budget are also playing significant role in the care and treatment being provided to the children.

The children intensive care units are no doubt striving to perform better as they are working towards recruiting more nurses. But there is a need of doing more as the life of children is being out on risk because of shortage of nurses.