Green Vegetables Enhance Immunity

Green Vegetables Enhance Immunity

Go green is the buzz word of the research that has concluded that consumption of green vegetables keeps the immune system strong.

Green vegetables like broccoli and bok choy are rich in a chemical that is quite important for the well functioning of the body's immune system. This chemical makes sure that immune cell, called intra-epithelial lymphocyte (IELs) which is found in gut and skin, works properly.

Cambridge's Babraham Institute researchers conducted a mice lab experiment in which they fed poor vegetable diet to healthy mice for two to three weeks, and they noticed that almost 80% of the mice healthy cells were disappeared. Giving more information about the healthy cells, researcher Marc Veldhoen was of the view that IELs cells are found as a covering beneath epithelial cells, and act as a first line cover against any infection, and helps body to recover at fast pace from wound.

He further affirmed that the growth of IECLs cells depend on the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR), aceel-surface protein, which could be found in abundance in green vegetables. And, this is the reason when mice was given a diet deficient in Ahr, their body reduced IELs cells. Reduction of these cells means increased chances of injuries, heightened immune activation.

The research that got published in the 13thof October issue of the journal Cell publicized that the next step of researchers would be to prove that some of these characteristics could also be find in humans with inflammatory bowel disease.