Teenager Suffers From Waking Coma

Teenager Suffers From Waking Coma

As per reports, after getting a dosage of the cervical cancer injection in her school, a teenager was pushed to the fatal waking coma stage.

However, the condition of Lucy Hinks (the victim girl), the experts claimed was becoming serious with each passing day, as she sleeps 23 hours a day and was incapable to saunter or even converse with her family.

Meanwhile, her parents were continuously blaming the deadly cancer vaccine, Cervarix, for the awful condition of their dear daughter.

The reported information also highlighted the fact that this was the third time when the girl got the cancer dosage, as way back in the month of October she was already given two jabs of the same shot.

In the meantime, all the other girls who also got the same injection, too, suffered from chronic paralysis attack.

Giving a counter attack, the regional health experts accounted, from a long time, that they have been noticing that the HPV jab, generally recommended to the girls falling in the age group of 12 and 13, definitely slashed the cancer risk by 70% and definitely was not connected to immune disorders.

Sharing his views about the issue, NHS Cumbria spokeswoman asserted that every year, about 3,000 women were spotted with the deadly cervical cancer problems and surprisingly out of these diagnosed about 1,000 were forced to die at young ages.

Commenting about the girl’s condition, another officials from, Cumbria, Pauline of Port Carlisle said, “I’ve not seen Lucy’s eyes for weeks and no one can tell us when it will turn and I would urge parents to get all the facts, and then decide if it’s right for your child”.

On the other hand, GlaxoSmithKline, the renowned Drug maker, affirmed that the current case has been an eye opener for them and they would surely investigate the supposed unpleasant response related to vaccination.


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