Early Sex Could Trigger Mood Swings During Adulthood

Early Sex Could Trigger Mood Swings During Adulthood

While having sex is a biological need for humans, here comes another research that says that having sex before the right age could have dire consequences on overall health. So far, the research has been tested on animals, there are fair chances that it would make glaring facts wide open about sexual development in humans.

It was found by researchers after adult female hamsters and male hamsters were paired together and it was found that male animals, who ever had previous sexual contacts, produced depressive behaviors and had even lower body mass. It was found that those who had previous sexual experience had even face change in level of a gene linked with inflammation of their brain tissues.

“Both groups of sexually active hamsters showed an increase in anxiety-like behavior compared to the control group but the increase in a depressive-like response was specific to the adolescent sexually paired group”, said John Morris, the co-author of the study and a doctoral student in psychology at Ohio State University, who is of the opinion that there is popular misconception that sex has no age, but this research has once again proved that there is significant impact of early sex on human health. There were other researchers involved along with Moris, including Zachary Weil, assistant professor, and Randy Nelson, professor and chair from the university's Neuroscience Department.

It has been admitted by professor Zachary Weil that sex is certainly affecting animals physiological and that can be completely interpreted from their behavior. If the team managed to prove the underlying theory true, this could change the face of medical science in the time to come.

While the research is being given the deserved attention, there are fair chances the team would be preceding with human trials now. The study was made public at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington D. C