Sea Salt Consumption Increase Chances of High BP

Sea Salt Consumption Increase Chances of High BP

The Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has discarded claims of popular TV Chefs who promote sea salt. They were of the view that sea salt is not more beneficial than normal table salt and it would have more negative effects than normal salt.

CASH researchers said they came across many TV commercials and shows in which they have promoted rock and sea salt by saying that it has more natural minerals than refined salt.

These sea salts are not only expensive for sea salt, but they are taxing for health as well as it has high amount of sodium chloride, which increases blood pressure and leads to heart related problem. After coming across sea salt promos and shows, CASH team thought to conduct a research in which they would they took seven sea salts of different brand. They took six sea salt and one table salt.

After examining all the six products, it was revealed that all the salts contain same amount of much sodium chloride, which means all salts are bad for health.

Professor Graham MacGregor, of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine and Chairman of CASH, said they also polled 1,358 people and one-third of them were of the view that sea salt is healthy for the body.

MacGregor said he feels devastated when he found chefs promoting sea salt despite knowing their ill effects. Sea salt has more adverse effects than normal table salt as sea salt does not taste salty until large amount is used so additional amount is consumed till the food gets salty enough.

There is benefit, if one uses normal salt as it has proper taste so MacGregor said he would like people to start using normal salt again. He affirmed, "Reducing salt intake by just one gram per day is predicted to prevent more than
6,000 deaths from strokes and heart attacks a year".


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