Movember Growing by the Day

Movember Growing by the Day

It has been recently revealed that more students have joined the support drive for the purpose of research and development of medicine for the treatment of prostate cancer. It is the prostate cancer awareness month and men all over the world are showing their support for the event by leaving their upper lip unshaved.

This time, support has poured in from Detroit. There is a fundraising effort being made by dental students from University of Detroit Mercy dental college. They have come in to support the cause and are spreading awareness about the cause. There is going to be a hair rising competition being held, that would measure people's support for the cause with the size of their moustache.

There is need for bringing topics of men's health into the public eye. There is always hue and cry made about women's health issues and its time there are more efforts made for making men aware of their health hazards, and take steps to ensure good health.

There are many myths about the disease that needs to be dispelled before more and more men get themselves screened unnecessarily, putting themselves to further health risks. There are awareness camps and health talks being held, to make men more conscious about the need to stay fit and healthy. There are also fundraisers being held in order to raise money for the effective research and development of cure for the disease.

The `Movember' drive is growing each day and it's a matter of time before it grows on to become something as significant as the `pink ribbon campaign' for breast cancer awareness.

There is need for educating more and more men around oneself, and bringing them to the realization of monitoring their health regularly, in order to lead a full and long life.